PJP Tutoring

All services below require the student to have access to Google Hangouts, Skype, or FaceTime. Tutoring sessions occur via one of these video conferencing platforms in addition to utilizing various whiteboard applications on the web. We can be sure to set these items up before our first session. All clients will be set up with an online account, where contact information, outstanding payment information, and student notes will be saved.

Qualifications: I have a Bachelor's Degree with significant study in the fields of Computer & Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Theatre. Additionally, I have a J.D. where I focused in Entertainment and Media law. I was a member of ΜΑΘ and National Honor Society, tutoring peers while in high school. I have taken numerous classes on leadership and teaching methodology in addition to my major's curriculum and have taught various ages in both Louisiana and Florida. While in law school, I was a Dean's Fellow. Dean's Fellows are students who mentor fellow law school students in academic success skills and study methods for law school. I was also a Teaching Assistant in law school.

What Makes Me Different: I understand that not all students learn the same way and that not all students relate to all subject matters. Why does a student who wants to be an actor need to know about math and physics? I will not only tutor your student to an understanding of the concept behind subject matter but also why it is important to them and their field of choice. I do this by catering the material to their interests. To relate why the actor needs to know about math and physics, I will formulate problems that revolve around lighting design (trigonometry) and how an actor can "hit their light" and dance/movement (physics) and what forces will accomplish certain feats. All students receive this attention to detail, and I look forward to helping your student thrive in his/her academics.

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Tutoring Prices

As of 6/1/2018

2 hour sessions
Subject Hourly Rate Monthly Rate (1x/wk) Monthly Rate (2x/wk) L.A. In-Person Surcharge (Outcall only) Test Development
Elementary/Middle School Math $40.00 $300.00 $500.00 $25 / session $25 / practice test
Pre-Algebra $50.00 $375.00 $650.00 $25 / session $25 / practice test
Algebra $60.00 $450.00 $800.00 $25 / session $25 / practice test
Trigonometry $70.00 $525.00 $950.00 $25 / session $50 / practice test
Calculus I $75.00 $550.00 $1,000.00 $25 / session $50 / practice test
HTML/CSS/PHP $50.00 $375.00 $725.00 $25 / session $25 / practice test
Applications (MS Office, etc.) $35.00 $275.00 $525.00 $25 / session N/A
Individual Acting Exercises $25.00 $175.00 $325.00 $10 / session N/A
Monologue Development $25.00 $175.00 $325.00 $10 / session N/A
Paper Review (Grammar/Spelling/General Concept) $25 (First 5 Pages) / $10 per page after 5 N/A N/A
All Law School Classes $100.00 $750.00 $1,250.00 $25 / session $100 / practice test

Grade Tracker/GPA Calculator

As of 6/1/2018

High School/College
Grade Tracker Excel Scheet - Purchase $95.00 /one time  
Grade Tracker Excel Scheet - Learn to Use $20.00 /hour  
Grade Tracker Excel Scheet - New Year/Semester Update $30.00 /update